Amazing Chinese antiques

The  Chinese new year has passed and the weather is warming! The peasants sellers from the countryside are gradually returning and bringing with them, the years new shipments of Chinese classical and provincial antiques collected from their home towns and villages.  Some interesting things!

As always though, the field narrows and there are general trends to be aware of this year:
  • Each year it gets harder and harder to find good pieces. If you didn’t buy what you wanted last year, its probably gone this year.
  • Prices are rising as supply diminishes and mainland Chinese begin to purchase and appreciate their own culture as well.
  • Its difficult to find original paintings anymore. Most have been repainted or retouched.
  • As always, the older, more original, rarer or better quality wood, the more expensive it is!
Here are some of the items for sale which catch my eye in the antique markets at the particular moment. 

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